this is a simple blog. one song per day. usually. when i don’t forget //

my goal is to share new songs, forgotten songs, songs from high school, songs that shouldn’t have been made. songs you won’t be able to live without. and to give you one song to reflect on per day, basically. daily-ish, more likely //

i am no music guru. i’m not in a band. i’m not in the scene. i tried to teach myself the harmonica but only got as far as playing taps. taps played poorly on harmonica is a pretty sad version of taps //

but what i am is an appreciator of good music. music can mold a moment, inspire an idea, shake loose a memory, ruin a mood. hopefully this blog delivers these experiences //

do what you want with these songs. but do something //


questions, comments, recommendations, riddles? send an sms: anotherdailymb@gmail.com