Return of the Mack // Mark Morrison

Vibes: When you return from a month long sabbatical and have a lot of music to drop on your blog that you don’t publicize


Something’s Always Wrong // Toad The Wet Sprocket

Vibes: When you start to get mad at the airport security worker who says you need to take your belt off and go back through security, but then you remember they are a human and wonder if they have someone waiting for them at home, when the last time they cried was, what they think of global warming, if they like their cookies crunchy or gooey, and feel bad for resenting them.

Award Tour // A Tribe Called Quest

Vibes: feeling weightless and giddy as you drive out of town for the start of a long weekend at the beach


So Into You // Tamia

vibe: sneaking out of the homecoming dance to make out with your crush in the multi-purpose room

tags: r&b, hook, jam, sing a long, sexy, 90s