First World Problems // Chance the Rapper & Daniel Caesar

Vibes: The pride of a parent whose daughter just became the first person in the family to graduate college. and she majored in poetry. and got into a PhD program.


May 27, 1999 (5:23 a.m.) // JD Vernon

Vibes: Hanging out in the parking lot of your high school, the night after graduation, shooting the shit about the time Kevin got suspended and Andrew had his heartbroken, wondering what bands your college girlfriend will listen to, and if they’re the same ones you all are listening to right now, knowing that once the sun comes up and you have to trickle home to sleep, the first chapter of your life is officially over; Trying futility to fossilize the feeling of ignorant hope and confident contentment that oozes out of a group of high school friends right before the cross the finish line