Baby Luv // Nilüfer Yanya

Vibes: Walking home from work on dreary, breezy November afternoon with low, dark clouds humming above and the city puddled from heavy afternoon rain.


Inside Voice // Joey Dosik

Vibes: The last slow song of the bar mitzvah once everyone is all warmed up and the floor is teeming with gawdy 13 year old boys and girls swaying back and forth with a newfound panache

Orifice Oragami // Reptar

Vibes: the inside of a bubble as sunlight refracts through it


Dr. Worm // They Might Be Giants

Vibes: hearing a theme song to a children’s show you liked in the 90s and singing along to all the lyrics even though you haven’t thought about the show in 21 years


I Better Love You // Will Heard

Vibes: the next big funk hit to come out of elmo’s production studio


Somewhere In The Darkness // Polaroid

vibes: bonfire on the beach with your childhood friends, the day before your best friend drives to New York start anew