Stir it Up (Bob Marley Cover) // Tom Bailey

vibes: sipping a chilled glass of mint-infused water, lying on a bed of memory foam, inside an air conditioner on a hot summer afternoon


Islands // Lewis Del Mar

vibes: the metaphor of how trying to find your place in the world is like hearing an impromptu concert in a neighbor’s backyard somewhere in the neighborhood and searching through the night to find the source and winding up on the right street just needing to locate the exact house

Thinning // Snail Mail


vibes: signing up for an improv class because you think it’ll make your life more enjoyable, only to realize you hate everything about improv.


Computer Love // Kraftwerk

vibes: what everyone in 1980 thought the Number 1 Hit would be in 2006


Aphasia // Pinegrove

vibes: going back to your hometown to realize there is nothing to do and it’s provincial in every way,  but then missing its simplicity and consistency when you leave.


Driving to Hawaii // Summer Salt

vibes: sharing sips of a coconut with your best friends, watching the sunset fade pink into orange, on an impromptu vacation to a small island


Satisfied Mind (Mahilia Jackson Cover) // Justin Vernon

vibe: realizing you forgot your headphones for the walk home and listening to, enjoying the symphony of the city instead


So Into You // Tamia

vibe: sneaking out of the homecoming dance to make out with your crush in the multi-purpose room

tags: r&b, hook, jam, sing a long, sexy, 90s

On + Off // Maggie Rogers

vibe: slurring through a saturday night with a summer fling