Kept Me Crying // HAIM

Vibes: The month that you begin to stay in and watch a movie more than go out and drink for no good reason on the weekends


Black Hole // Charly Bliss

Vibes: The sun’s teenage daughter, who refuses to get off the phone with Jupiter’s second moon even though it is well after mid-night, goddammit

Need to Feel Your Live // Sheer Mag

Vibes: Crunching the crunchiest little leaf on the sidewalk on the day before Halloween


call the police // LCD Soundsystem

Vibes: yelling at strangers because you’re drunk and they’re wearing a Make America Great Again hat


Trouble (feat. Absofacto) // The Knocks

Vibes: your five year old self, decked out in bling and stunner shades, putting your current schluby self to shame in a dance off on a dance floor eclipsed by disco-light


Lita-Ruta // Shugo Tokamaru

Vibes: the progressive pop-rock band the “It’s a Small World After All” robots would have formed if they hadn’t sold out for Disney $$$


Empty Nesters // Toro y Moi

vibes: playing hooky with three friends to set up a slip n slide in your front yard, cruising down it over and over again and getting comically day drunk on a Tuesday