Could You Stay // Malena Zayala

Vibes: A magic hammock ride over coral dunes


Most Times // Shoos Off

Vibes: Soft, off-white morning light gliding into your room through the window left ajar and softly nudging you awake on a breezy Sunday morning

I Love You So // The Walters

Vibes: A day-dream put through the washing machine, with extra fabric softener


Apocalypse // Cigarettes After Sex

vibes: the musical equivalent of going for a walk to get some fresh air


Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean Cover) // Becca Stevens Band

vibes: a wind chime made of cotton candy, breezing in the evening air


Stir it Up (Bob Marley Cover) // Tom Bailey

vibes: sipping a chilled glass of mint-infused water, lying on a bed of memory foam, inside an air conditioner on a hot summer afternoon


Driving to Hawaii // Summer Salt

vibes: sharing sips of a coconut with your best friends, watching the sunset fade pink into orange, on an impromptu vacation to a small island